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We bring a lifetime of hands-on experience in having personally worked in virtually every possible foodservice  position -- from prep cook and barista to manager and store owner.


Our kitchen and prepared foods designs intrinsically reflect an unrivaled understanding of each station's operational requirements -- and how to efficiently and affordably optimize each in concert with all the others. 

Our coaching and consulting reflect an understanding and respect for the mission of developing and executing plans that grow and improve an operation -- from training and product development to merchandising and margin improvement. And that we're typically doing this important work with and through the work of wider teams of people.

Make touch to schedule an Introductory Consultation or to talk about any of our other typical services:



Email or call (415) 497-7861 to schedule an hour to talk about your project, catch any free advice and see how we can be of service.


Get focused on your target audience and help them make better, more informed business decisions. Ready to get started? Book this service today to discover what positive change really feels like.


We efficiently lead clients through a creative process to develop a vision and design harmonious program, financial and fixture plans that tactically accomplish your strategic objectives. And our deliverables, including our supremely detailed DeliSmart Program & Financial Plans, will ensure your clarity and confidence.


Prepared foods may be just one of many important departments in a grocery store. But it can set you up or weigh you down more than any other. And, knowing it costs more per square foot to build, and that it will consume more labor and overhead than any other department thereafter, only adds to the creativity and care we bring to helping clients develop a vision and plans for a right-sized and successful operation.

On-Site & Virtual

  • Operations & Financial Assessment + Priority Action Plans

  • Production Planning & Analysis

  • Staff Organization & Labor Plans

  • Merchandising Plans & Resets

  • Leadership Team Development, Coaching & Support

  • Systems & Operations Document Library


In certain situations the option of our investing multiple weeks on site can be the best recipe for reformatting, restructuring and developing the systems, production and culture that will allow you to succeed on your own thereafter.



It's essential to have a well organized and highly functioning recipe costing system and today's software makes it easy as pie. Well, almost. Because you still have to set it up with your ingredients and recipes from scratch. Well, we've set up ChefTec and Reciprofity databases for more stores than anyone else you know and we can do the same for you!

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